The Wylela fiberglass pool is the perfect solution for creating a luxurious backyard escape, even in a limited backyard space. Measuring in at a manageable 30 feet long, the Wylela offers everything you need to relax, unwind, and have some fun in the sun – all without sacrificing valuable backyard real estate at your Utah home.

Big Fun in a Small Footprint:

  • Ideal for Smaller Backyards: The Wylela’s compact size makes it a great choice for homeowners with limited space. This allows for easy integration into your existing landscape without feeling overwhelming.
  • Spacious Tanning Deck: Despite its efficient size, the Wylela boasts a generous tanning ledge, offering a perfect spot to soak up the rays, lounge with a good book, or just enjoy the refreshing feel of cool water on a hot day.
  • and provides comfortable seating within the pool itself. This is a great spot to cool off, chat with friends, or supervise younger swimmers.

Designed for Relaxation and Entertainment:

  • Open Swimming Area: The Wylela strikes a perfect balance between designated lounging areas and a clear swimming area. This allows for enjoyable dips, light exercise, or even a game of catch in the water.
  • Multiple Entry & Exit Points: No need to walk all around the pool to take a dip. The Wylela offers convenient entry and exit points, making it easy for swimmers of all ages and abilities to access the pool safely and comfortably.
  • Classic Rectangular Design: The rectangular shape with a touch of softness from the curved bench creates a timeless aesthetic that complements a variety of backyard styles.

The Wylela pool is the ideal choice for homeowners who crave a backyard oasis without sacrificing space. Its compact size, efficient design, and focus on both relaxation and recreation make the Wylela a perfect fit for smaller backyards, transforming them into functional and luxurious escapes.

Length: 25 ft.   
Width: 12 ft.     
Shallow: 3 ft.    
Deep: 6 ft. 2 in.





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