From a distance, this lengthy fiberglass pool may look very basic but once you get up close you will see that is anything but the case. The Ultimate fiberglass pool model is jam-packed with outstanding features that make it a very fun and functional swimming pool design. This fiberglass pool will appeal to families with children of all ages and it’s even great for those that like to use their swimming pool as their main form of exercise.

If you like a larger rectangular swimming pool this pool’s design has got you covered. It is just less than 16’ in width and has a very nice 40’ length too. That’s a lot of swim area. Some 32’ of that length is open for doing such things as swimming laps or other water exercises. That leaves plenty of room for fun and games too. There is even a convenient safety ledge that runs the entire inside perimeter of this pool.

This is a non-diving swimming pool model but that does not mean you can’t find a place inside it to immerse yourself and cool off as you swim. The shallow end is 4’3” deep and at its deepest point, the Ultimate swimming pool model is 7’ in depth. With its added built-in splash deck, there is even a place for small children and toddlers to play and have fun as they learn how to swim.

Adding to this pool model’s already fun design is the built-in spillover spa. It’s a great place for both children and adults to relax and unwind. The spillover spa is also nicely positioned next to the built-in steps that allow easy entry into the spa area, children’s splash deck and the swimming pool itself. If you get tired while swimming in the deep end there is no need to swim to the shallow end steps to get out of the pool either. That’s because there are built-in steps/benches positioned in each corner of the deep end of this pool.

Rectangular swimming pools like this fiberglass pool model area landscaper’s dream too. That’s because this shape allows them to do a simple landscape around the swimming pool or they can get very creative and make this pool a good-looking part of a larger backyard landscape setting.





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