If you’re looking to create an open and airy space that allows for ample room to swim and play, this fiberglass pool model will fit perfectly into your Utah backyard. It’s designed to allow for customization with multiple options, while giving the width and depth for relaxing swim experiences. With a reasonable depth, the Synergy is both well-suited to Utah families with small children who don’t require a fiberglass pool with diving depth. Thanks to its design, unlike deeper pools, the Synergy will be more economical to maintain. 

Designed for Relaxation and Entertainment:

  • Spacious Layout: Enjoy endless swimming laps or host unforgettable pool parties with all of your friends and family. 
  • Multi-Level Depths: Perfect for swimmers of all ages and comfort levels thanks to a shallow end that’s suited for beginners and a deeper area for those who are more advanced. 
  • Added Ambiance: Three strategically placed pool lights are sure to bring the pool to life at night and also ensure a safe and inviting environment for nighttime swims and social gatherings.

Enjoy Additional Features:

  • Modern Freeform Design: The Synergy’s graceful curves create a visually stunning focal point in your backyard.
  • Durable Fiberglass Construction: Experience long-lasting performance and easy maintenance with the high-quality fiberglass construction.

The Synergy pool is the perfect choice for homeowners who desire a luxurious and functional fiberglass pool for their Utah backyard.

Length: 40 ft.   
Width: 16 ft.     
Shallow: 3 ft. 9 in.   
Deep: 6 ft. 3 in.