This fiberglass swimming pool is available in 3 different lengths.

What are the three sizes that the Supreme model fiberglass pool comes in? You can choose between getting it in a lengthy 40’ version or a somewhat smaller 35’ and 30’ version. That means you can get this pool design to fit in a variety of backyard sizes. It’s the perfect pool for swimming laps and doing other water exercises too because of its length and the fact its centre channel is unobstructed from end to end.

This is a graduated depth swimming pool that starts at 4’ in the shallow end and gently slopes to 6’ or better in the deep end (depending on the length of the model you choose). That makes it a fun and highly recreational pool to play around in but it’s not good for trying to play water games like basketball and volleyball in.

We mentioned the Supreme is a simpler fiberglass pool design but that does not mean it doesn’t have nice features. You get easy entry and exit from this model swimming pool with the combination bench and steps that are located on each side corner of the shallow end. In addition to that, there are also smaller swimout/bench areas in each corner of the deep end. The interior ledge that surrounds the entire pool helps make it a safer swimming pool to swim in also.

Being a rectangular pool makes the Supreme an easy pool to landscape around and leaves you with many choices on how to do that.