inground pool shell

From the very first creation of this shape pool, the Rivera became the classic model and set the standard for other similar model pools. The Riviera model pool has a gentle curving design which is very appealing to look at. This fiberglass swimming pool design also gives you a large variety of landscaping options you can do around. With the right combination of fountains, waterfalls, decking and lighting, you can make a backyard poolscape that is beautiful to look at.

You have a few different sizes that you can order the Riviera free-form fiberglass pool in.  There is no difference in the features of either version. Each pool is 15’ in width and comes with a 3’ shallow end and a 5 1/2’ deep end.

That means either version of the Riviera is great for large or small family use and could also be used for entertaining medium to small-sized groups of friends. If you build a BBQ pit next to it this pool will become your home’s center of attention throughout the warmer months of the year.

The Riviera fiberglass pool is not full of bells and whistles like some other model pools we have but with that being said it does have some nice features. Among them is its large walk-in step area along the shallow end wall. Built into the steps is also a decent-sized flat deck where toddlers and others learning to swim will feel very comfortable

One of the other nice features it has is in the deeper end of the pool. It has what is known as a deep-end swimout which can also be used for sitting too. So you no longer have to swim far when you are tired to get out of this model swimming pool.

It also has a built-in safety ledge for convenience that runs the entire inside perimeter of the pool.