The Pinnacle fiberglass pool design is what’s considered a timeless classic. That’s because of its basic rectangular shape that has been around for years. That makes it a practical pool for just about any type of backyard. This pool goes best with homes that have simple landscaping features in their back yard and it’s also ideal for those that like the length of their pool to run parallel to their home.

The Pinnacle fiberglass pool comes in three different lengths. Those lengths are 30’, 35’ and 40’. No matter what length pool you choose the width will be a standard 15’5”. You also get a variety of colour choices with this model fiberglass swimming pool. There are 8 colour choices in all and they include such beautiful textured shades as Sapphire Blue, Aquamarine and Diamond Sand.

One of the unique features you get with the Pinnacle model fiberglass pool is the step design at the shallow end of the pool. The steps not only go completely across the width of the pool but there is a large kiddie splash deck built into them too. That means it’s a safe place for small children to play and adults to sit and talk while having drinks too. At the same time, there is still plenty of room for people to get in and out of the pool.

There are also sitting areas built into each side at the deeper end of the pool. These are a great place to sit if you want to relax and get away from the children splashing and playing at the other end of the pool.





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