Here is another rectangular fiberglass pool 16 feet wide and 35 feet long that has much more going for it than appears when you are looking at it from a distance. The Olympia model fiberglass pool incorporates many fantastic features into its simple but functional design.  This is a practical pool for both children and adults of all ages and it can nicely accommodate any size family too.

This pool is a great recreational swimming pool but it also conveniently doubles as an excellent fitness swimming pool too. Its 35’ of nearly unencumbered length allows you to easily swim laps in it or do other types of water exercises or aerobics. 

The Olympia model fiberglass swimming pool is a non-diving pool that has 6;6″ depth at the deepest end.  At the shallow end of this swimming pool is a splash ledge for younger children and toddlers to play.

There are other nice features besides the splash deck that you get with this model fiberglass pool too. You also have a generous size set of built-in steps in the shallow end side that allow for easy entry and exit in and out of the pool.





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