Sleek and streamlined, the Niagara model’s simple rectangular lines reveal a multi-functional and accommodating pool experience. It’s the perfect blend of functionality, fun, and family-friendly design. If your Utah backyard isn’t sprawling, the Niagara might be the perfect fit as its more compact design matches effortlessly with mid-sized yards. 

Perfect for All Ages:

  • Dual Tanning Decks: Relax and soak up the sun on the spacious dual tanning decks. The open area between them allows for easy access and plenty of space for swimming laps.
  • Multi-Level Depths: The Niagara features a comfortable shallow end with dual entry steps. As you venture deeper, the water quickly transitions to a refreshing 7’9″ depth, ideal for diving and pool slides.
  • Safe & Convenient Seating: Two integrated side benches in the deep end provide a convenient resting spot or make exiting the pool a breeze.

Designed for Smaller Backyards:

  • Compact & Efficient: Inspired by larger fiberglass pool models, the Niagara offers a more modest 33’10” length, making it a great choice for medium-sized backyards. Its compact design allows for efficient use of space while still providing ample room for swimming and entertaining.
  • Perfect for Exercise Enthusiasts: The rectangular shape with a deep end creates an ideal space for regular aerobic exercise, making it perfect for homeowners who want to maintain their fitness routine.

Packed with Personality:

  • Unique Rectangular Design: While maintaining a classic rectangular form, the Niagara boasts benches and decks areas that make getting in and out of the pool a breeze no matter where you happen to be. 
  • Shallow End Oasis: The narrow shallow end with dual entry points creates a welcoming area for socializing, enjoying refreshments, or simply taking a break between dips in the deep end.

Length: 33 ft. 10 in.   

Width: 15 ft.     

Shallow: 3 ft. 8 in.   

Deep: 7 ft. 9 in.





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