fiberglass pool shell

Here is one of the nice free-form shaped fiberglass swimming pools that we offer. It can best be described as being snowman-like in its outer shape. That unique shape makes it the perfect tool to put in if you have a backyard with many different landscape features such as fountains, pounds or a spacious outdoor living area. Its smooth-looking outer edge lines will make it a featured showpiece in your backyard.

The pool itself is some 40’ long too. That means it’s a very versatile fiberglass pool for those with large families or who like to entertain lots of friends. The Mediterranean is also one of the few fiberglass pools that you don’t have to worry about strength with because of its size. It’s made using durable and strong Composite Armour™ Full Vinyl Ester Resin. That makes this fiberglass pool model over twice as strong as conventional fiberglass pools.

This swimming pool itself has a few unique features other than its distinct free-form shape too. One of those is its unusual wraparound bench seat that goes around its entire shallow end. It’s a great place to congregate and hang out with friends or cool off while relaxing at the same time. There is enough seating room for a whole family and more.

The Mediterranean fiberglass pool is also one of the rare models of fiberglass pools that is deep enough to dive into. It has an 8-foot deep end depth. That’s big enough to attach a residential type 1 diving board to the deep-end deck area. It makes the Mediterranean an ideal pool for those who like a little diving action in addition to just swimming around.

The Mediterranean fiberglass pool also looks fantastic and becomes even more functional if you purchase an additional tanning ledge feature to attach to it. A tanning ledge also creates a nice area for younger children and toddlers to swim in.