The biggest advantage of the Luxor fiberglass pool is its length, which is 44 feet long. Nice distance for doing laps. And that’s not all, it has two large side tanning decks that make a great area for kids or adults to enjoy.

Luxor pool has two choices, it’s either 6’4” feet deep or 7’10” feet deep at the deepest end. The rest of those two pool dimensions are the same.

Which color is the best of the best for this particular pool model?

Its …….. WHITE.


The white color makes the pool look even bigger. Try to paint your fence in black color and your yard will look much smaller. Same thing with the pools.
The water inside the white color pool becomes bluish Caribbean.
White pools look clean and attractive and somehow safe and have some comfort, because everything beneath the water is visible.
The white color pool reflects pool lights very vibrantly.
The calcium that starts building along the water line is almost invisible on the white color pools.
White color fiberglass pools are the least susceptible to the possibility of fading.
White color pool, just like a white wedding dress …. It has a charm to it.





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