ICON 8 feet deep

Here is a fiberglass pool design that has taken a very basic rectangular design and made it unique and innovative. Not all rectangular pools can claim that they are a versatile model but the Icon fiberglass swimming pool line can make that claim. It has many features built into it that make it fun for the whole family.

The Icon model fiberglass pool is a larger size fiberglass pool so you need to have a decent size backyard if you are going to install one at your home. It measures 16’ in width and some 40’ in length. That’s plenty big enough for swimming laps and doing any other water fitness activities.

This fiberglass swimming pool is also fairly deep. With its 8’ deep end you can even use it with a residential type 1 diving board or you can also attach a water slide to your decking for use with it. These devices will add even more fun activities for your family and friends to do in your pool.

Landscaping is not a problem with this model swimming pool either. With the Frio’s simple rectangular design, it will look good with a simple and inexpensive walk-around deck or you can incorporate some fancy landscaping features such as a fountain or waterfall into your surrounding poolscape.

We told you the Icon was a very versatile swimming pool. There are two distinct features this fiberglass pool has that add to its versatility. One of those is the unique walk-in steps this swimming pool has on its shallow end wall. Incorporated into these steps which make it simple to get in and out of the pool is a convenient splash deck. The splash deck is a great place for toddlers and younger children to swim and play.

The Icon is also one of the rare fiberglass pools that have a spillover spa built right into its shallow end next to the walk-in steps. This is a great place for the adults to stay cool while they sit and chat. It’s also a relaxing spot to hang out while they watch over their children having a great time playing in the splash deck area.

You definitely will not find a more versatile fiberglass swimming pool that has some features that will appeal to swimmers of all ages.





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