swimming laps

The Giant is one of the biggest fiberglass pools available on the market.

If you absolutely have to have a rectangular shaped fiberglass pool and you absolutely have to have a big one, then the Giant model fiberglass pool just may be exactly what you are looking for. Fiberglass pools simply do not get any bigger than this model swimming pool. It measures a nice 19’ in width and it’s also a whopping 43’ in length. That’s plenty enough length for even the most avid swimmers to feel very comfortable swimming laps in it.

Just like it is bog in length so too is it large when it comes to its depth also. The Giant is 8 ½’ deep towards the deeper end of the pool. That means this swimming pool qualifies for being able to use a diving board with it. You can install on the deck any diving board model that is considered a residential type 1 diving board.

So already you know that the Giant fiberglass pool is great for swimming laps and doing some fun recreational diving too but this pool is great for more activities than just that. With its size you can entertain your family and friends or even have large group get together with your workmates and their families. Your new Giant fiberglass pool will be the center of attention during the warmer months of the year.

The Giant comes with some other nice features too. Among them is its shallow end walk in steps that also have a bench seating area that goes out from the steps in both directions along the shallow end wall. That gives you not only easy access into this swimming pool but also a cool place to sit and relax on those hotter summer days.

Also built into the Giant’s design are two small swim-outs located on the outer edge of the deep end wall. These make it very easy for someone to get out of the pool after they have dove off the diving board. No more awkward ladders to have to repeatedly climb when doing that activity.





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