ideas for small backyard pools

This is another fiberglass swimming pool model with elegant curves that will enhance the looks and fun of any backyard it’s set in. The Caribbean boasts an abundance of features that will increase your pleasure as you cool off, swim and do other water activities in this swimming pool. Those who have purchased this model fiberglass pool from us rave about how functional and well-designed it is.

The Caribbean model swimming pool is a very large size pool but it’s not so deep. There is plenty of room inside it to do all sorts of water activities, games and exercises. It’s a great pool for people of all ages because it has areas that each person can relax, swim and feel comfortable in. This fiberglass swimming pool is even large enough to invite several friends over to hand out and swim or even entertain large groups at a swimming event.

If size matters to you the Caribbean’s ample 16’ width and 40’ length will appeal to you. You can easily swim laps in its unobstructed centre channel from the steps to the deep-end wall. That’s enough distance to satisfy even the most avid swimmers. As far as depth goes, the shallow end is a comfortable 4’ deep and the deepest part of the pool is 6’4” in depth.

There are a few nice built-in features that greatly enhance this fiberglass swimming pool’s appeal. Among them is its spacious set of walk-in steps which allow skid-resistant and easy entry into the swimming pool. The built-in steps also provide access to the large bench seating areas on each side of the steps. This is a great place for adults to hang out and cool off or for the youngest children to comfortably play as they learn how to swim.

Having a great-looking swimming pool is never a problem with the Caribbean fiberglass pool model. That’s because with its versatile good looks it makes for a great stand-alone backyard feature or an integral part of a beautiful backyard aquascape.