Channeling spa resort vibes, this fiberglass pool is as sleek as it is sumptuous. If you’re looking for a pool that can give you the full range of experiences, from soaking up the jets of a built in spa to burning calories swimming laps, this pool has all of the features you’ll need for exercise, relaxation, and entertaining. 

The Astoria: Luxurious Relaxation with Integrated Spa

The Astoria fiberglass pool by Latham Pools is designed for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment. This 40-foot-long beauty seamlessly integrates a luxurious spa into the shallow end, creating a spa-like retreat right in your backyard.

Unwind in Style:

  • Integrated Spa: Indulge in soothing hydrotherapy without ever leaving the pool. The built-in spa, located at the shallow end, offers the perfect spot to melt away stress or gather with friends. 
  • Tanning Deck: Relax and soak up the sun on the spacious tanning deck, ideal for catching rays or reading a good book. The convenient location allows easy access between the spa and the main pool area.
  • Corner Seating: Two strategically placed benches at the deep end provide a comfortable spot to rest, cool off, or conveniently exit the pool.

Designed for Convenience and Flexibility:

  • Multiple Entry/Exit Points: Multiple entry and exit points offer greater design freedom for your pool and patio layout, while also ensuring easy access for swimmers of all ages and abilities.
  • Swim-Up Seating Option: Consider adding optional swim-up seating within the pool, creating a dedicated conversation area or a place to enjoy refreshments while partially submerged in the cool water.

The Astoria fiberglass pool is a perfect choice for Utah homeowners who crave relaxation and luxurious comfort in their backyard getaway. It offers a combination of functionality, modern elegance, and customizable features to design a truly personalized swimming experience.

Length: 40 ft.   
Width: 15 ft. 10 in.       
Shallow: 3 ft. 6 in.   
Deep: 7 ft.