fibreglass swimming pool shell

Allure swimming pool comes in three different lengths, 30′, 35′ and 40′ feet long. This very well may be the most practical and functional fiberglass swimming pool of all the different models we offer. The Allure is a sturdy fiberglass pool where everyone that uses it can find an area of it where they really can enjoy hanging out. It’s an appealing pool to everyone from toddlers to seniors and it will even satisfy the most active swimmers in your family too.

To incorporate so many features into this design the manufacturer knew that had to make it a fairly large swimming pool. At 16’ in width and a generous 40’ in length, they certainly accomplished what they had hoped for size-wise. While there are a few fun features that take up some space near the shallow end steps the rest of the swim area is restriction-free. That makes it a nice pool to swim exercise laps in or do other types of water aerobics.

This strong single-piece fiberglass pool is not overly deep either and it has plenty of areas where one can cool off and relax without the water being over their heads. The shallow end depth is 4’9” and the deepest part of this non-diving pool is only 6’8” inches deep. Since 4’9” of shallow end depth is too deep for young children and toddlers to feel comfortable in, the manufacturer wisely included a splash deck in this swimming pool’s design which is great for smaller children to play comfortably in.

One of the nicer features of the Allure fiberglass swimming pool’s design is the built-in spillover spa. It not only enhances the enjoyment you will get out of using the pool but it enhances its looks too. Not to mention it’s a fun place for all ages to hand out in. There are also built-in entry steps that allow easy access to the pool, splash deck and spillover spa areas. There is even a convenient swimout/bench built into the deep-end corner too.

Landscaping with this nicely shaped swimming pool is never much of a problem either. It looks great with just a simple, inexpensive concrete walk deck around it or as the centrepiece of a bigger overall backyard aquascape.