MARATHON - laps pool comes with the spa or no spa.

This is the version of a traditional lap pool with a few little twists that make it much more functional than a normal lap pool. That’s why makes it so popular among people that not only like to swim for exercise but also like to do other fun activities in their pool also. This is not a great pool model for families with younger children but will work perfectly for families whose children are approaching their teen years and higher.

The Marathon is a rectangular shaped pool but it’s much shorter in width than most traditional pools. It’s only 7’6” inches in width. Despite its thin width this fiberglass pool model is still a generous 33’ in length. That is why those that like to swim laps really are happy after they purchase this swimming pool model. 

We mentioned this was a lap pool with a twist. That’s because it has some unique features built into it. There are two sets of walk-in steps built into this pool; one in each end of the swimming pool in the corner. Opposite each of these steps is a small bench seating area. Another unique feature with the Marathon model fiberglass pool is at one end it has a spa nook which is a great place to hand out, have a drink and relax with friends. The addition of the build in spa makes this pool longer making the total pool length up to 40′ feet.

The rectangular shape of this swimming pool gives you a lot of landscaping options too. You can keep things simple and on the inexpensive side with a basic walk-around concrete deck or get fancier and use pavers that incorporate other features such as fountains and waterfalls in to your poolscape. No matter which way you choose to do it, the Marathon fiberglass pool will look great in your backyard once completed.






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