Infinity 8' feet deep

Here is another of our standard rectangular pool offerings. Rectangle fiberglass pools are very versatile and fit well in both simple and more landscaped backyards. This is a bigger size pool though so you better have a good size backyard for it to go in. The Infinity fiberglass pool is a full 40’ in length and is also a very generous 16’ in width.

With its 8’ deep end this fiberglass pool meets the requirements for being able to safely dive into it using a residential type 1 diving board setup. That will only add to you and your family’s fun while using it.

The Infinity fiberglass swimming pool model has some really nice features built into it too. One of those is its unique pool entry system. It does not have steps going into the shallow end of the pool like many traditional fiberglass pool models. Instead it has more of a combination step and bench area that is positioned in the shallow end along the sides of the pool. So you not only have easy entry into the water but you have an area to sit hang out with family and friends too.

This combination step and bench area on the shallow end sides has another purpose too. It will give you a totally unobstructed swimming lane down the center of the pool. That makes it great for doing laps or any other type of fitness swimming activities that you like to do. That’s why so many avid swimmers choose the Infinity fiberglass pool.

The Infinity model pool is also a great swimming pool for those that do a lot of entertaining or frequently invite over guests and neighbors to swim. Due to its large size it can accommodate the swimming needs of even big groups of people.