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About Fiberglass Pools

  • Fiberglass pool is flexible, therefore it withstands the earthquakes much better than gunite/concrete pool.
  • It is nice to have warmer pool water in Northern Utah and maintain that heat efficiently. Fiberglass pool is already insulated, therefore, it definitely holds the heat way better than gunite swimming pool. Many fiberglass pool owners use their pools all winter long without worrying about their gas bills.
  • Fiberglass pools do not require a lot of regular maintenance in comparison to gunite pools and fiberglass pools work very efficiently with the integrated salt system.
  • Fiberglass pool is almost water chemicals free, concrete/gunite pool, on the other hand, requires all sorts of chemicals. Therefore, fiberglass pool is much healthier option.
  • Fiberglass is more durable and lasts much longer than concrete.
  • Fiberglass pool could be dug from the ground and moved to another location or simply sold. In comparison, gunite/concrete pool does not have that option.
  • Installation of the fiberglass pool is a lot faster in comparison to concrete/gunite pool.
  • City requirements do not require structural engineering for the fiberglass pool installation. Therefore, getting a fiberglass pool installation permit is a faster process than getting a gunite pool permit.
  1. Call-Text 801-201-4499 or email us the project address and the pool model you like so we could estimate the pool installation budget.
  2. Based on the google maps or visiting your site we will recommend the pool placement location.
  3. We do not take deposits; the signed contract is enough.
  4. We will submit the site drawings to your city for the permit. It may take up to 3 weeks for the permit approval from the city.
  5. Only after the pool permit is approved, we will start the installation of your selected swimming pool model.

We install pools all over the Wasatch Front in Utah.

There are several swimming pool financing companies that we work with. They offer fast service, great rates and best of all there is no need to refinance your home. It’s a completely separate pool loan. Just recently one of the pool financing companies offered 2.99% interest rate for 36 months. They have longer term options too.

Fiberglass swimming pool shell is like a huge portable spa tub. However, that huge tub has no equipment connected to it. That is why it is called a “shell”.

The fiberglass swimming pools are made with similar compost materials just like the fiberglass boats are made except of the slightly different manufacturing process.

Fiberglass swimming pool shells sold by us are made by the world leading fiberglass manufacturing companies throughout the US states.

The fiberglass swimming pool shell is delivered on the commercial truck with the oversize signs and with the escort of a few pilot cars for extra security on the road. When the truck with the pool shell reaches the job site, the crane is ready to unload that pool shell from the truck to your backyard. The job site is prepared in advance before the truck comes. The permit for the installation of the swimming pool should be issued before the swimming pool shell is placed into the ground. The permit process may take up to 3 weeks.

There is almost a zero maintenance required for the fiberglass swimming pool.

The maintenance of the gunite pool is much more expensive and complicated. It requires constant water ph balance check and almost continuous water filtration because the concrete contains some metals and alkaloids that are emitted into the pool water. The biggest maintenance expense is prevention of the algae and bacteria growth on the porous gunite pool surface.

Another disadvantage of the gunite swimming pool is the large utility bill associated with constant water filtration and gunite pool heating. Some future gunite pool owners do not realize that heating the gunite pool and spa may result in the utility bill of hundreds of dollars a month. The fiberglass swimming pool walls offer way better insulation and the non-porous surface prevents the growth of bacteria, algae, and is very easy to clean and maintain.

How about vinyl liner pools or gunite concrete pools ?

We do not sell, and we do not install any vinyl liner pools because of the huge liability associated with the vinyl pool liner breakage and leakage for various reasons. Even if the pool liner has a 20-year warranty, it could be damaged the very first day, for example, by a pet who tries to get out of the pool.  The liner is simply a rubber which will be susceptible to the sharp objects. The damage to the vinyl liner can affect the concrete underneath and require the replacement of not only the liner itself but of the entire concrete on the bottom of the swimming pool. Groundwater beneath the pool can cause major issues too. The groundwater eventually starts pushing the liner up from the bottom and the liner starts floating. Water leakage can also start pushing the liner up.  What are the pros of the vinyl liner pools?  The real advantage of the vinyl liner pool is the shipping and packaging. The vinyl liner pool kit could be shipped easily from anywhere in the world. In Northern Utah the complete vinyl liner pool installation with the cover runs around 55K. Check with your insurance agent whether the vinyl liner pool would not affect your homeowners’ insurance.

Gunite pools are made of concrete. That means the hole for the swimming pool is excavated, a thick structural wire bent to mimic the shape of the future pool, the pipes are installed, and the concrete sprayed to create the desired shape of the pool.  After the concrete is completely dry, perhaps after 24 days, the plaster is applied to the surface of the cement pool. This thin layer of the plaster makes the raw concrete smooth and protects the surface from water leaking through the concrete.

In Northern Utah, the gunite swimming pool walls need to be approx. three times thicker than in Southern States with no winter freezing conditions. Therefore, gunite pools in Northern UT are approx. three times more expensive.

Building a gunite pool in your backyard may take up to 3 or more months, no matter what the sales pitch from the pool company says.  The completion of the gunite pool depends on the weather conditions, the ground conditions, the access, and your budget. You may ask, why your agreed pool budget has something to do with the completion of the gunite pool? According to the city building permit department, many gunite pool projects take more than 6 months to complete and some are simply left abandoned because the gunite pools often exceed the agreed pool installation budget dramatically. On the other hand, fiberglass swimming pools are pre-made by the manufacturing factories and the installation process is usually determined and the cost mostly depends on the additional features requested, the size of the swimming pool model selected and ground conditions.

At the end, however, it is all about what material holds water the best because the swimming pool is all about safety when containing a huge amount of water in your backyard. Concrete looses its strength with time and starts crumbling into gravel. Fiberglass, on the other hand, does not dissolve underground by itself and stays unaffected for hundreds of years. Fiberglass pools are also free maintenance pool options and they prevent the heat from escaping which saves money. Big selection of shapes, colors and sizes, low maintenance, quicker installation, non-porous surface, durability and dependable quality- all advantages that you could get selecting the fiberglass swimming pool versus other swimming pool options.

Boulder Retaining Walls

We do boulder retaining wall installation in Utah. There is a vast selection of various rock shapes and colors available at UT stone quarries. We use various rocks from other states too, especially beautiful large stone slabs for gorgeous pool waterfalls. Reach out to us to find out more about different rock retaining styles we offer to retain the slopes of the property. Boulder retaining walls are cheaper than the large block retaining walls and it is always a good addition to raise the value of your property by creating a high end design.

We can give you an approximate initial estimation by simply looking at your property photos and Google Maps area view.