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Corinthian Back Corinthian The Corinthian pool model comes in smaller sizes as well. On these videos the pool size is approx. 16×40 feet. Specs Features Colors

Icon 8 feet deep

Icon Back ICON 8 feet deep Here is a fiberglass pool design that has taken a very basic rectangular design and made it unique and innovative. Not all rectangular pools can claim that they are a versatile model but the Icon fiberglass swimming pool line can definitely make that claim. It has many features …

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Pinnacle Back PINNACLE The Pinnacle fiberglass pool design is what’s considered a timeless classic. That’s because of its basic rectangular shape that has been around for years. That makes it a practical pool for just about any type of back yard. This pool goes best with homes that have simple landscaping features in their back …

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Whitsunday 8’6″ feet deep

Whitsunday deep or Shallow Back Whitsunday 8’6″ deep Here are two similar pool models: One pool has the deepest end of 8′ feet 6″inches and 40 feet long. Another pool has the deepest end of 6′ feet 10″ inches and also 40 feet long. The shallow end of these two similar pools is the same, …

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Ultimate Back ULTIMATE From a distance this lengthy fiberglass pool may look very basic but once you get up close you will see that is anything but the case. The Ultimate fiberglass pool model is absolutely jammed packed with outstanding features that make it a very fun and functional swimming pool design. This fiberglass pool …

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Ultimate Comfort

Ultimate Comfort Back Ultimate Comfort The structural features of this fiberglass pool model are very well organized. This fiberglass pool has extensive swimming lane, two large lounging ledge platforms with convenient located spa right in the center. This pool is compatible with a hidden automatic pool cover. Specs Features Colors

Luxor 44 feet long

Luxor Deep or Shallow Back Luxor 44′ feet long The biggest advantage of the Luxor fiberglass pool, it’s the length, which is 44 feet long. Nice distance for doing laps. And its not all, it has two large side tanning decks that it makes great area for kids or adults to enjoy. Luxor pool has …

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Infinity 8′ feet deep

Infinity Back Infinity 8′ feet deep Here is another of our standard rectangular pool offerings. Rectangle fiberglass pools are very versatile and fit well in both simple and more landscaped backyards. This is a bigger size pool though so you better have a good size backyard for it to go in. The Infinity fiberglass pool …

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Monaco 8′ feet deep

Monaco Back MONACO 8′ feet deep Well, … how about eliminating all the benches, shallow decks …  all unnecessary elements and focusing only what needs to be there. A separate spa could be added  for taking relaxing brakes. Specs Features Colors

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