pools from the best fiberglass pool manufacturers available in utah

Pools From Top Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools in Utah are the best choice for the hot or freezing weather conditions because of the fiberglass pool flexibility and durability.  Fiberglass pool is the safest type of pools for kids protecting them from scratches and bruises.


Natural boulder retaining walls may add the sense of stability and comfort if the design and placement of the boulders have a soft flow pattern. 

Gunite Pools

Gunite (Shotcrete) or in other words pools made with the concrete, are for those who want a specific shape of the pool. 

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Boulder Retaining Walls & Waterfalls

Fiberglass Pool Info

Fiberglass inground swimming pools come in various shapes and colors. The benefits of the fiberglass pool are that it is extremely easy to maintain with the little effort to keep it clean, the heating cost is just a fraction in comparison to the gunite concrete pools, fiberglass pools have the best compatibility with the salt system, they are very durable and resistant to the harsh weather conditions. And the best of all is that the fiberglass pool could be removed from the ground and moved to another desirable location.

There are many fiberglass pool manufacturers offering various fiberglass pool designs. Each pool manufacturer differs from each other in their methods and materials used.

Can you install a fiberglass pool shell by yourself or with the help of someone with some inground pool experience?  Most likely yes, although, the majority of the fiberglass pool manufacturers will void any warranty on that pool if their fiberglass pool was not installed by their fiberglas pool authorized dealer. 

Top Fiberglass Pool Models

ICON 8 feet DEEP
LUXOR 44 feet LONG
MONACO Diving Pool
We install automatic pool covers for any shape fiberglass pools in Utah

Hidden Track Auto Cover For Any Fiberglass Pool